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Wolf in Lamb's Clothing

Duke Robert Turing of Inaria
22 May 1982
Olympia, Washington, United States
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Mark Twain Elementary School - Kirkland WA (1990 - 1994)
Kirkland Junior High School - Kirkland WA (1994 - 1996)
Overlake School - Redmond WA (1996 - 1999)
Lake Washington High School - Kirkland WA (1999 - 2000)
Evergreen State College - Olympia WA (2005 present)
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a.r.e. weapons, absinthe, adult., aimee mann, andy warhol, art, art fags, barnes & noble employees, beauty, being a fucking rockstar, big words, billy idol, bjork, blowing up the moon, boys, celebrity fist-fights, cellos, chain smoking, chambercore, cigarettes, cock, coffee, coke, comic books, commies, creating, cyberpunk, dada, david bowie, deathrays, decadence, drum machines, dune, edward gorey, electro, electroclash, elliott smith, enlightenment, existentialism, fashion, film, fischerspooner, frank herbert, freedom, friends, fun, gambling, goldfrapp, haiku, happiness, house of leaves, humanity, hypocracy, infernal noise brigade, journeys into madness, k's kill c's, kate bush, kids in the hall, kill bill, kissing, kissing boys, kpants, kraftwerk, ladytron, lambretta, laughter, life, lifeart, liveart, living in the moment, love, making out, mash-ups, medium as subject, memetics, misogyny, miss kittin, morrissey, muse, music, neil stephenson, nikola tesla, nineteen-eighty-four, octopi, orwell, p.t. anderson, partying like a rockstar, pax americana, peaches, performing, phillip glass, plan b, pomosexuals, pop culture, punk, radicals, radiohead, riding the bus, rob, sartre, schneider tm, semiotics, serious fucking business, sex, sex blimps, sigurrós, singing in the shower, sleater kinney, snake'n'bacon, sneaker pimps, sodomy, sound and vision, soviet, space elevators, speakeasys, stanley kubrick, strings, style is substance, synths, tasteless humor, tesla had a deathray, the 80's, the divine comedy, the divine tragedy, the faint, the gay, the geriatric spice melange, the pixies, the postal service, the smiths, the thin white duke, the world wide intertron, the yeah yeah yeahs, tracy + the plastics, tragicallybeautyfullboys, trendsetting, vespas, virulent memetics, voltaire, walking, war, word association, world domination, writing, you, zombies, ¡tchkung!, , ,
I was born on the fifth moon of saturn, to slaves working the mercury mines of Titan. They raised me as best as they could while shielding me from the whip of their cybernetic taskmaster. When they died in a cave-in, I was rescued from the rubble and taken away by the terrorist responsible. The next ten years I was raised and educated on the pirate ship Turing’s Folly, mercilessly ambushing the water mining operations of the Overmind and taking the precious comet-cargo back to the rebel base on Asteroid Zyvelon IX in the Ort Cloud.

And then I fell into a swirly thing and somehow wound up here.